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Simultaneous Translation in Frankfurt, Germany

"Simultaneous translation" is a term often used to describe the work of simultaneous interpreters (the professionals would usually call themselves "conference interpreters"). This is what the service could look like:

Imagine you are organizing a meeting in Germany, or taking part in one. There are lots of Germans, but also some people who don't speak any German. Should everybody speak English? Some wouldn't feel at ease and communication might actually suffer.

This is where simultaneous interpreters can be helpful: Everybody speaks their own language and everybody can follow what's being said in their language, because simultaneous translation is available through earphones at all times. With the right interpreters (including the right number of interpreters for simultaneous mode) and some help to allow them to prepare for the job, things will work out as if the language barrier didn't exist. Or as a client put it: "We totally forgot you were there. But we would have been lost without you."

If that's what you are looking for in the Frankfurt region or elsewhere in Germany, here is the go-to place: Syntax Sprachen GmbH.